The Team

Santoshi Rana,

After attaining a Master’s degree in Media & Communication Management from Middlesex University, London and getting a chance to work as a Campaigner, Communication Intern, Media Reader & Training Consultant besides being involved with organisations like OXFAM and Haemophilia Society, after much contemplation, I decided to come back to Nepal. While working with ChangeFusion Nepal supporting social ventures and organizing the Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award – the first ever Nepali award of its kind which recognised hidden heroes – I finally got the courage to move out of my comfort zone. It was always my dream to start something of my own and during the course of time I tried to figure out what I really wanted to do. I realised that my fear of ageing had to do with the fact that it is not taken in a very positive manner in our society. Over a period of time, I also got to meet a lot of inspiring individuals who were still living their lives despite their age and that is when Bihani took shape. It has been created as a platform to provide the support system that our elders needed, where unfulfilled dreams can take shape or where experiences would find a way beyond individuals through various activities. At Bihani, we believe that one should re – engage, re – explore and re- live to have a rewarding life till the end.The main thought being, one should have lived their life to the fullest and not let any regrets ruin it.

Susmriti Tamang,
Health and Rehabilitation Coordinator

As the saying goes “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, I believe contentment can be obtained with clarity and confidence. From being a National Tai Chi player to BBS student, I have come across with Bihani since its earlier days. Throughout my journey, I have learnt that ageing is a continuous process taking a step ahead with beauty, purpose and appreciation. I feel more confident and knowledgeable having been exposed to several sessions on ageing and interactions with individuals of different age groups. With focus on mental and physical wellbeing, I have honed my skills on ageing issues, elderly care and care-giving interventions for holistic health care. I in “Improvement of Community Based Disaster Risk Management and Post disaster Psycho-social care for Socially Vulnerable People in Nepal” through a year-long training by Japan International Support Program (JISP), and thus recognised as a TOT expert. Thankfully, I have been able to facilitate the best practices in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Dharan and Pokhara for caregivers, families, elders and youth groups. I feel blessed that I have touched hearts of many individuals through Bihani. Sometimes, ageing can be too hard on life but ultimately, it seems rewarding to see joyful faces and get emotionally-connected as one family.

Ritchie Sampson,
Partnership and Communications Incharge

These lyrics from a song by Ed Sheeran, my music inspiration, touched me when I first heard it. If there is no one there for us, nothing really matters. I am a person who strongly believes in companionship and friendship. I studied Bachelors in Arts specializing in Social Work. It taught me everyone is different, everyone is unique. Working in Bihani Social Venture has taught me how to feel for myself as well as for others. All the little things in life can teach you something important. Life is a journey, and I plan to enjoy every moment of this journey. Love everyone like you love yourself. Help others when needed. Respect if you want to be respected. And most of all, enjoy life.

Prashant Kalauni,
Programmes and Operations Coordinator

Nepal is a developing country with lots of problems. As a student of Development Studies, it is my aim to take these problems as challenge and solve them. At Bihani, we try to solve issues related to ageing using a social enterprise model. Ageing is a topic which fascinates me, there is so much we can learn from our elders. People learn from committing mistakes but smart people learn from others’ mistakes. I am involved in this social enterprise to build my own future by helping others to build theirs, learning from each other and facing every problems as challenge.