Health & Rehabilitation

Home Based Services


Since our establishment in 2013, Bihani has been implementing a Client/Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) Approach where the client/patient and family are “equal partners in planning, developing and monitoring care to make sure it meets their needs. This means putting people and their families at the centre of decision making” (Health Innovation Network South London) ensuring services provided are relevant and productive. As part of this approach, we have hold a consultant meeting with the client/patient and their families to develop on agreement and prescribed course of action. To know how these simple interventions work on promoting mental/ brain health, motor skills/ physical health and overall well-being, inquire with us.


Bihani Membership

Bihani’s Membership scheme is the first of its kind in Nepal, mainly aimed at providing as much facilities and benefits to elders, along with their family members. The aim is to keep elders engaged with the real world and stay connected socially through visiting various outlets all over the city. After signing up for Bihani’s membership, you will receive a Membership Privilege Card which can be used by not only you, but your entire family. Using this card, you and your family can avail the following benefits:

  •  Partners Discount and over 70 outlets all over Kathmandu valley
  • Attend events organised by Bihani and our partner organisations
  • Free Home Based Intervention Classes yearly
  • Sathi ko Sathi scheme visits
  • Birthday celebration with Bihani Team members
  • Fulfill any one wish for yourself
  • Access to resources and professionals
  • Access to our wide range of services
  • Impact lives of our Social Impact Partners

Home Based/ Online Activities for Elders and Family

The Home Based/ Online activities for elders and family developed by Bihani includes innovative Interventions backed by evidence that confirms promotion of brain health, hand eye coordination (gross and fine motor skills), psycho social support (PSS) and health and wellbeing. Our success stories show these interventions had a progressive change in our clients’ health and social engagement situation.


Thanks to our resources who are willing to continuously undergo vigorous orientation of organisation’s Policies related to safety and privacy, and training on implementing Guidelines, Approaches and Interventions, to provide the service in a compassionate well-informed manner.


Here is the list of Home Based Services (HBS) that Bihani Social Venture has developed and has been providing to seniors at their homes or their place of convenience. Bihani’s resources who provide the Home Based Services undergo a vigorous orientation of organisation’s Policies related to safety and privacy and undergo Training of Guidelines, Approaches and Interventions to be followed strictly. Book your sessions. Share. Inquire.

Health Sessions

We organize health camps, informative sessions and group classes specifically focused on the needs of elders. For example, we have hosted events with the Menopause Society of Nepal (MESON) focusing on reproductive health issues for elders. We also partnered with NEPAN’s Jorpati Older People Association to conducted two 15-day Taichi programs for 100 or more of their older members. Read more about it:

Vision Disability Prevention & Management Camp for Elders of Matatirtha Old Age Home

Neuropsychiatry Camp for Residents of Himalaya Old Age Home