Organisational Services

Organisational services include income generation, networking and volunteering activities as well as Supporting & Enhancing the Skills, Knowledge, Needs & Interests of Elders

  •  Individual/Organisational support system for members/partners/elders to develop their ventures
  • Creation of a platform for networking, innovation and renovation of local products
  • Promotion of local producers to generate income by creating markets for them
  • Promotion and marketing for entrepreneurs/ producers or providing volunteering opportunities
  • Maintaining a Blog or Journal
  • Provide guidance, knowledge; Transfer skills and knowledge; Explore interests/ hobbies through events and enterprise development
  • Showcase or market their products/ services through organizing bazaar events
  • Consultant Services to Organizations working in the field of Ageing

Health Sessions

We organize health camps, informative sessions and group classes specifically focused on the needs of elders. For example, we have hosted events with the Menopause Society of Nepal (MESON) focusing on reproductive health issues for elders. We also partnered with NEPAN’s Jorpati Older People Association to conducted two 15-day Taichi programs for 100 or more of their older members. Read more about it:

Vision Disability Prevention & Management Camp for Elders of Matatirtha Old Age Home

Neuropsychiatry Camp for Residents of Himalaya Old Age Home