Our Services

Our approach is holistic and unique focusing on utilizing the strengths of our elders along with fulfilling their needs by providing the services to provide a platform to Re-Engage, Re-Explore and Re-Live. Our services are provided in individual and group settings. Location dependent on need — in home, in office or in public space. Our services are broadly categorized as follows:

  • Health & Rehabilitation
  • Organizational
  • Resource Center
  • Social
  • Wrinkles & Smiles

Since our establishment in 2013, Bihani has been implementing a need-based person-centric/family-centric approach to achieve targeted and efficient outcomes. To know how these simple interventions work on promoting mental/ brain health, motor skills/ physical health and overall well-being, inquire with us.

Here is the list of Home Based Services (HBS) that Bihani Social Venture has developed and has been providing to seniors at their homes or their place of convenience. Bihani’s resources who provide the Home Based Services undergo a vigorous orientation of organisation’s Policies related to safety and privacy and undergo Training of Guidelines, Approaches and Interventions to be followed strictly. Book your sessions. Share. Inquire.

(The rates/special packages and member discounts available for the services will be shared on request.)

Services on Demand: New services will be introduced periodically according to the needs and demands of our members.

Interventions used for Elders – Part 1